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Danpoort produces powerfile sanding belts which are used on a variety of applications from spot weld removal and blending to surface preparation, clean-up and finishing. We produce a wide range of powerfile sanding belts for very specific applications starting from 3mm wide. We produce any desired size and work with very high-quality products from 3M, VSM, Norton and Hermes. Powerfile sanding belts are available in several types of cloth backing and non-woven, 3M Scotch Brite, qualities.

Topics we can help you with

What Scotch-Brite color/grit do you need?
Finishing, polishing or deburring
What quality do you need for mirror finishing?
Suhner, Dynabrade, 3M, Metabo
What are the right belts for your machines?
Pneumatic powerfile machine
What is the best quality to use for pneumatic machines?

Danpoort focus products

With a worldwide customer base we see in different markets divergent demand for high quality products. Danpoort International Abrasives excels in providing the right solution for any industrial application.
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Private label sanding belts

Explore the private labels options we can offer for 
grinding solutions. High-quality abrasives from renowned manufacturers, including 3M, VSM, Norton, Hermes, Sunmight, Deerfos and Starcke.
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Production facility for powerfile belt abrasives

Danpoort International Abrasives is the one stop leading abrasive convertor company. Danpoort provides his customer with custom sanding belts in a wide range of dimensions.
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curious about our manufacturing process?

As a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of abrasives, Danpoort specializes in custom solutions for any type of international player. Customization is our specialty, and we like to think along with you in customer-oriented solutions or private label options. For more information about our options, please contact our sales department.
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