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Supplier of wide sander belts

Danpoort produces a product range of wide belts for sanding chipboard, fiberboard, cement board and many woodworking and metalworking manufacturing applications. With our very modern production facility, we can offer very high-quality products that meet the highest quality requirements.

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Custom sanding solutions

We can offer special overlap joints to guarantee the best surface qualities. We offer you a wide range of various brands including 3M, VSM, Norton and Hermes. In addition to wide sanding belts, we can also offer you segmented wide sanding belts with a cloth, paper or non-woven backing. We do offer one of the highest tolerance joint-splicing in the industry, Danpoort helps you extend usable life without premature seam chatter.

Our production facility

In our manufacturing proces we use a high-tech technology, featuring tapeless skived lap joints that won’t open up and maintains thickness across the joint. With our cloth sanding products, we use a premium taped joint designed with compensation across the joint for a consistent sanding thickness. 

Manufacturer and supplier 3M Cubitron II Segmented Wide Belts

Danpoort produces a product range of wide sanding belts in 3M Cubitron II qualities such as 984F.
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Private label sanding belts

Explore the private labels options we can offer for 
grinding solutions. High-quality abrasives from renowned manufacturers, including 3M, VSM, Norton, Hermes, Sunmight, Deerfos and Starcke.
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Production facility for wide belt abrasives

Danpoort International Abrasives is the one stop leading abrasive convertor company. Danpoort provides his customer with custom sanding belts in a wide range of dimensions. 
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Curious About Our Wide belt solutions

As a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of abrasives, Danpoort specializes in custom solutions for any type of international player. Customization is our specialty, and we like to think along with you in customer-oriented solutions or private label options. For more information about our options, please contact our sales department.
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