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VSM Industrial Abrasives

VSM is a manufacturer of high-quality abrasives on a flexible backing. VSM produces innovative high-quality abrasive materials for industry and various applications. VSM is a manufacturer with a 150-year history that has pioneered high-quality innovative abrasive product solutions in recent years.

About VSM

VSM is a globally active manufacturer of high‐quality abrasives, a sought‐after specialist when it comes to stock removal and surface finishing, and provides optimum abrasives. The VSM brand is synonymous with consistently high product quality and innovative energy and with sustainably high productivity for grinding processes. Their products are at the leading edge of technology, worldwide, and set standards of innovation within the industry.

VSM is the short form of Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken AG, based in Hanover (Hainholz), Germany. Founded in 1864 by Siegmund Oppenheim and Siegmund Seeligmann, the company started life as a sandpaper producer. With the construction of its own cloth finishing plant, VSM developed into one of the largest companies in the abrasives industry at the time. No a days, VSM has transformed into a abrasives industry market leader.

Products from VSM

VSM Actirox

ACTIROX stands for geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain that offers maximum stock removal. An aggressive cut combined with low contact pressure results in less noise and vibration, and less strain for the machine and its operators. Faster grinding significantly reduces the machining time. The TOP SIZE coat results in a cool cut, which significantly reduces material waste and renders further reworking unnecessary.


  • Maximum stock removal
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Save up to 50% costs
  • Reduce the amount of machine down-times


  • AK890Y excels in stationary applications such as removing welds and burrs as part of backstand grinding
  • AF799 and AF890 fibre discs are ideal for bevelling and grinding out flaws with high-speed angle grinders

> The geometrically shaped ceramic grain guarantees maximum stock removal
> The grain breaks down in a defined fashion constantly producing new sharp edges