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The sanding flap discs are used for deburring, polishing, and grinding welds and rough surfaces. This product is an excellent alternative for the fibre disc or rough grinding disc. The flap disc is more economical, quieter and vibrates less, which makes it more pleasant to work with. Danpoort has a modern production facility in the Netherlands where the flap discs are made entirely in-house. The flap disc is made exactly according to your wishes and specifications, including your own label. This makes for a great many possibilities. In order to guarantee the best quality, we collaborates with the best suppliers of abrasive materials such as 3M, VSM, Norton and Hermes. The production follows the norms of EN13743, oSa and ANSI.

Use for a wide variety of applications

Grinding flap discs are one of the most common abrasives used in metal fabrication shops around the world. Shop owners and operators rely on them for their versatility, long life and ease of use. Since they are more conformable than other abrasive discs and wheels, operators of every skill level are less likely to damage parts by gouging the metal. While fibre discs grind faster and grinding wheels last longer, they don’t offer the application versatility of flap discs, which leave a finer finish after the grinding step.

Our flap discs are the product of decades of technological innovation and application expertise. We offer both type 27 (flat) and type 29 (conical) flap discs in a range of sizes and attachment systems to fit your angle grinder. 

What is a flap disc

Flap discs are constructed of overlapping abrasive-coated flaps attached to a central hub. As the disc is used, the flaps continually wear away to expose a new layer of abrasive mineral. This allows for a consistent cut-rate and finish throughout the entire life of the disc. Plus, the gaps between the coated abrasive flaps make them much more conformable than other grinding discs and wheels — making them great for grinding and blending on curves and contours.

Each job has its own unique challenges. That’s why we offer a selection of flap discs engineered to perform in a range of applications. 

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With a worldwide customer base we see in different markets divergent demand for high quality products. Danpoort International Abrasives excels in providing the right solution for any industrial application.
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Private label flap discs for grinders

Explore the private labels options we can offer for grinding solutions. High-quality abrasives from renowned manufacturers, including 3M, VSM, Norton, Hermes, Sunmight, Deerfos and Starcke.
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Production facility for abrasive flap discs

Danpoort International Abrasives is the one stop leading abrasive convertor company. Danpoort provides his customer with custom abrasive flap discs in a wide range of dimensions.
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As a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of abrasives, Danpoort specializes in custom solutions for any type of international player. Customization is our specialty, and we like to think along with you in customer-oriented solutions or private label options. For more information about our options, please contact our sales department.
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