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Danpoort International Abrasives takes time to understand and fulfil its evolving customer needs which is reflected in its worldwide market supplier status. Its mission is to deliver a portfolio of highly recognised brands, each with unique value, fulfilling the complete spectrum of customer needs. 

The world is evolving quickly and it's critical to keep pace with all the changes impacting your industry. So we're increasing your access to our experts - their knowledge, their skills, and the products they've helped to develop. We'll be keeping you constantly updated on the latest and greatest intelligence from the what we can offer you, ensuring that you have one less thing to think about in the daily grind. Explore the solutions we can offer as a one-stop-supplier for grinding solutions. In our wide range of coated abrasive products we offer high-quality abrasives from renowned manufacturers, including 3M, VSM, Norton, Hermes, Sunmight, Deerfos and Starcke. 

Danpoort International Abrasives continually delivers innovative solutions across major industries – from advanced manufacturing systems to hydropower, electronics to construction, and general do-it-yourself projects to renovations. Abrasives are an integral part of reshaping your world on a daily basis: whether it’s sandpaper for sanding furniture, metal fabrication, gear grinding applications, profile grinding or bevel gear grinding. We offer world class products for all your a wide spectrum of markets.