Danpoort International Abrasives


As a "3M Authorized Converter Abrasive Systems", Danpoort International Abrasives B.V. is responsible for all of 3M's "Non-standard Abrasive Products" in the entire Benelux area. More information


VSM is a manufacturer of high-quality abrasives on a flexible backing. VSM produces innovative high-quality abrasive materials for industry and various applications. More information


As a global leader in grinding and sanding materials during the past 130 years, Norton offers the widest range of grinding, deburring, flatting, finishing and polishing solutions. More information


In addition to being a leading producer of flexible abrasive materials, Hermes has also specialised in precision bonded abrasives since 1993. More information

Suhner Abrasive

The smart and comprehensive program of abrasives by Suhner covers all your needs - from cleaning through to polishing. Quality and performance are Suhner’s guiding principles. Suhner helps you to maximize your output and reduce overall costs. More information

Osborn International

Osborn is our partner for surface finishing tools. Companies all over the world put their trust in the quality and efficiency of Osborn's products. More information

Norton Clipper

During the past 50 years, Norton Clipper has built a reputation as a leading brand in the construction industry and is still known today as the manufacturer of the first laser-welded diamond saw. More information

Agera Tools

Agera Tools offers a complete range of high-quality abrasive materials, grinding discs and polishing products. More information