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Timesavers’ mission is to offer a premium solution to every specific need in deburring, edge rounding, finishing and precision grinding. This is achieved through close collaborations combined with an innovative and self- creating organization, consisting of enthusiastic people who care. By focusing on improving the products and processes Timesavers creates maximum customer value throughout the product’s life cycle.

About Timesavers

Timesavers international can trace its origins back as far as 1939 when Arie van der Linden started a repair shop for woodworking machinery in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. By 1953 the company had gone on to also specializing in stroke sander and drum sander machinery, and by 1963 wide-belt sanders have been added to the array of abrasive equipment being produced. From the 1970s the company started working not only with wood but also with metals, aluminium, carbon and stainless steels.

Twenty years later saw the start of Timesavers International BV in 1996 which took care of all Timesavers activities in the world with the exception of the north American continent. The company had become the world market leader in wide-belt sanding and grinding machines for wood and metal applications.

Today the company specializes in a broad selection machines for grinding, finishing, precision grinding, and deburring metal plates. In some cases this involves removing as little as a few microns from the surface of the material with great accuracy. In other cases, it may mean taking away anything up to several millimeters from a plate all at once. Nowadays the company operates from three facilities – one in Minneapolis in the USA where the majority of the company’s woodworking machines are still constructed, Goes where the medium duty, heavy duty and special metal machines are made, and China from where the Asian market is served with the machines.

Timesavers Partnership

Since 2022 Danpoort International Abrasives and Timesavers are working closely in the worldwide market to support customers with the right product on wide and segmented grinding and finishing belts. Danpoort has become a specialist in producing (segmented) wide belt grinding solutions. Danpoort can manufacture segmented wide belts up to a maximum width of 3450 mm. Based on a wide portfolio of qualities we are able to offer our customers always a solution for their specific application for either grinding or finishing.

Based on a wide portfolio of qualities we are able to offer our customers always a solution for their specific application for either grinding or finishing.

With our own modern production facility, we can quickly provide you with a customized solution and are happy to think along with you in optimizing your current grinding processes. We have options from standard to high-end grinding and deburring solutions and offer a very wide range of various qualities and brands. Danpoort also offers the ability to stock specific sanding belts for our customers so that we can supply them directly from stock (on demand). This guarantees just-in-time delivery and ensures security for their production processes.

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As a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of abrasives, Danpoort specializes in custom solutions for any type of international player. Customization is our specialty, and we like to think along with you in customer-oriented solutions or private label options. For more information about our options, please contact our sales department.
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