Danpoort International Abrasives

Dedicated to the job

Sanding, grinding, polishing….that is Danpoort. Past, present and future.

We want to show you our passion. Why are we fascinated by abrasives? What do we find captivating and enthralling? Why do we, Danpoort International Abrasives, feel justified in claiming that we are unique in our dedication to sanding, grinding and polishing materials and the different applications for which these materials are used?

We reveal the answers on this website about our company and our products. We want to tell you the story of our passion, our employees and our organisation. We also want to tell you about our tailor-made products, innovations, service & quality, and our solid dependability as a partner. Welcome to Danpoort International Abrasives.


Family Business

Two brothers share a love of their profession. In addition to a keen eye for business, they also share the motivation and perseverance required for growth and expansion. They see the potential of what they already have and work passionately every day to expand and professionalise their company further. Danpoort is a true family business.


Mr Daniël van der Poort founded Danpoort in 1932. As time passed, the business in Rotterdam expanded in size to become a major industrial supplier of sanding, grinding and polishing materials. The company site was badly damaged during the Second World War. However Danpoort re-established itself strongly in the market after the post-war reconstruction period. In 1984, the company moved from Rotterdam to Zwijndrecht, where it is still based today.

Production facility

At Danpoort, we want full control of all the operational processes within the company. We continuously monitor raw materials, orders, production, finance, utilisation of staff and machine capacity, quality and our delivery times. We regularly analyse our internal processes and performance. This puts us in full control of our organisation. And allows us to guarantee you, our customer, the ultimate in reliability.


Danpoort is dynamic. Our professionals operate as a well-oiled team. They work to optimise processes and stocks in an almost surgically clean working environment.

Those processes support our dedication to quality, service and reliability. Our ERP system automatically manages order picking and collection and preparing orders for shipping.


Customer Service is one of our main priorities. At Danpoort, everything centres around the customer. Danpoort is a flat organisation with short lines of communication. We aim to respond to questions or complaints immediately. In addition, the required information is readily available and traceable in our CRM system. Customers are assigned a dedicated contact for maximum convenience. Dedicated to the job Dedicated to you. Welcome to Danpoort International Abrasives.

Private label

Danpoort works with basic materials supplied by reputable manufacturers. We convert those materials into all kinds of different final products. The possibilities are boundless. Your own private label, a wide range of products or, the opposite, a limited but deep range. With individualised packaging and possibly also abrasive materials printed with your company name and/or brand name. We can develop the entire concept for you. We are a full-service partner.

Retail concepts

We can create a unique appearance and identity for your private label. With your own logo, or in your corporate style. Based on your idea, we produce a visual presentation and packaging mock-ups. We help you quickly transform your ideas into a fully developed concept.

Trade fairs

Danpoort regularly participates in national and international trade fairs. We look forward to welcoming you on our stand and presenting our extensive range of products and solutions. If possible, we would encourage you to book an appointment in our trade fair calendar so that you can plan a meeting with one of our salespeople in good time.

We look forward to meeting you at one of the following trade fairs.