Danpoort International Abrasives

Stainless steel/metal

Strict aesthetic standards apply to applications in which stainless steel is used. More information


High-precision sanding and grinding is of great importance for teak decks, aluminium railings, cabin structures, hulls and propellers. More information

Automotive body repair

Coachbuilding, car body repair and precision machining work on engine internals require materials and tools that allow the highest accuracies. More information

Aircraft industry

Good sanding and grinding materials are essential for all kinds of tasks in this sector, ranging from repairing turbines to finishing an aircraft fuselage. More information

Medical industry

Medical equipment can be kept sterile more easily if the surfaces are polished to a mirror finish. More information


Danpoort has roots in woodworking and this sector is still important today. More information


The construction industry uses diamond-tipped saw blades, grinding discs, cutting discs and abrasive materials. More information

Painters and decorators

Painters and decorators universally use abrasive materials, for both coarse and fine sanding. More information

Floor treatment and finishing

Danpoort offers a wide range of different grades for floor sanding machines. More information


Danpoort manufactures complete lines for the DIY market under private label, including individualised packaging designs. More information